Ian B Dunne Playing a singing bowl at a science show STEM. Science, Technology Engineering and Maths, I love them all and I like plants as well. It goes with out saying that Science is very important, so that is why I make my shows the most entertaining science shows.

Without understanding our world we cannot hope to make it a better place.

I know that it is very easy to put people off , we have a very small opportunity to get people hooked and a very h4 chance of turning them off completely.

So I do what I can, to bring enthusiasm, excitement and most of all fun into physics, cheers into chemistry and a buzz to biology. And making Maths count

I am very serious about what I do, but not about how I do it.

At a recent festival a lady made a point of telling me that when I do a stand up tour, she would fight to be in the front row....Nice.

Michael Faraday was not only a great Scientist but also a great lecturer and Science Showman.

He wrote "The most prominent requisite of a lecturer is a good delivery."

"The lecturer should give the audience full reason to believe that all his powers have been exerted for their pleasure and instruction"

and finally

"One hour is long enough for anyone"

I try my very hardest to do as the great man says

I will present for any age, from Infants to Infinity and beyond. Nursery, Infants, Juniors, Secondary, A level, parents before they pick the kids up, the great general public, a corporate jolly and of course, Teachers.

A Little Story

Recently when I was visiting a school a teacher made a real point of telling me that her son had been interested in science and that sort of thing, but was getting a bit picked on for being a bit of a geek and it was putting him off studying. I went to the school and did a couple of shows, the ribbing stopped, I had made science "cool", he went on and is now at a prestigious University working out how to make water safe to drink for people in the developing world. I felt genuinely proud and humble.

A quote

This from an 11 year old made me smile: (when asked what they liked best about the h4 Bang South East). The 'Science Magic Show' because it was really clever. I also laughed until I felt like I was dying (that's a good thing).

And another

A helper at a festival told me she had seen me loads of times and I inspired her to do a science degree.....it works

My science shows and other work are what I like to do. Details of my latest talks are available from the link on the left.

For primary schools I often suggest School Science Days , a show or two and then into classes. It goes down well for Science weeks or at any time. For secondary schools, the best thing is a few Science Shows and maybe one for the public in the evening. INSET training is always worthwhile. I specialise in whole school sessions tailored to what your staff want. CPD made enjoyable.

People seem to like what I do and if it counts for anything I get a lot of places booking me for return visits.

To save time for teachers trying to find interesting nuggets of information to enthuse pupils, I send out "Doodle Science" every month - read the back issues here. Follow me on Twitter chat to me on Facebook or watch me on You tube. I am very lucky that my audiences seem to enjoy my work almost as much as I do. But that does mean I am often booked up well in advance. Please look at my Calendar of bookings already taken to see if the day you want is available.

I am based in Southampton so need to take into account the logistics of getting around the country. Being free range, I have to charge for my time. I charge by the day, but once I'm at your venue, the h4ger the audience the better. On the Pictures page you can see some of my toys and specimens. Have a look at the new page on my website all about my toys .

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