Great Moments of Science . . . . . .

Great Moments of Science . . . .

Sometimes it seems nothing happens and then lots goes off all at once.  Then there are Great Moments of Science Show. One of my favorite Science shows, Ideal for repeat visits.

Well, sometimes science is a bit like that, even in our daily lives. Science has always been, but there are some times when amazing things have happened.

Theoretical and applied science from before Galileo, through Newton and Darwin up to now. Starting with a good lesson on why it is important to pay attention to the world around you, because otherwise the Universe can come up and bite you when you don’t expect it.

Demonstrations, catapults, sparks and things flying around the room with maybe a bang or two.

This show requires a data projector for the pictures but not too close as one of my toys might blow it up.

A science show for everyone and a good one for people that have already seen one of my others.

There is a Primary version, secondary and one for the general public too.

A bit of history, pretty pictures and a laugh or two.

It is good for revision, dealing with a forces, electricity, space, aspects of the natural world and all sorts.

Depending on the venue this may well feature large sparks and all sorts.

Curriculum links

Living things and their habitats





Evolution and inheritance

Seasonal changes, Earth in Space

Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding

The nature, processes and methods of science


This one runs for about and hour, needs and hour to set up and ten mins or so to reset. Apart from a data projector and a couple of tables there is little else needed. Well, an audience would be nice!


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