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Maths, Puerile and Apalled......Maths show

Maths, Puerile and Apalled...... show

Yes, a maths show,  amazing Maths.

Mathematics is the framework that underlies our universe, so let’s get the pliers out and do some bending.

My most fun and amusing maths show for secondary schools and the public. Involving pretty (and not so pretty )pictures and intending to inspire, it also features demos.

Maths, Puerile and Appalled, is a talk designed to show how even this purest of disciplines can be inspired with life and shed light on the workings of the world.

Showing how numbers are all over the shop and how they can effect not only the  things but also some of the small bits of life.

Card tricks, brainteasers, medieval siege catapults and anything else that I think will be worth trying will be found in this talk and are used to breathe some fresh life into what sadly, for a great many, is the driest of dry subjects. Maths is wonderful.

Galileo said the language of the Universe is numbers, and he should know. So lets talk it.

This talk is aimed at KS3, KS4 and KS5 and is constantly updated to stay with the maths and science curriculum and because audience feedback keeps giving me new ideas.